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InfluxDB2\Writer Interface Reference
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InfluxDB2\UdpWriter InfluxDB2\WriteApi

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 write ($data)

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◆ write()

InfluxDB2\Writer::write (   $data)

Write data

Example write data in array $writeApi->write([ ['name' => 'cpu','tags' => ['host' => 'server_nl', 'region' => 'us'], 'fields' => ['internal' => 5, 'external' => 6], 'time' => 1422568543702900257], ['name' => 'gpu', 'fields' => ['value' => 0.9999]]], WritePrecision::NS, 'my-bucket', 'my-org' )

Example write data in line protocol $writeApi->write('h2o,location=west value=33i 15')

Example write data using Point structure $point = new Point("h2o).

string | Point | array$dataDataPoints to write into InfluxDB. The data could be represent by array, Point, string


Implemented in InfluxDB2\UdpWriter.

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