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InfluxDB2\WritePayloadSerializer Class Reference

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static generatePayload ($data, string $precision=null, string $bucket=null, string $org=null, int $writeType=null)

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◆ generatePayload()

static InfluxDB2\WritePayloadSerializer::generatePayload (   $data,
string  $precision = null,
string  $bucket = null,
string  $org = null,
int  $writeType = null 

Generate payload from provided data.

$datastring|Point|array to generate payload
string | null$precisionthe precision used as a key for Batch
string | null$bucketthe bucket used as a key for Batch
string | null$orgthe org used as a key for Batch
int | null$writeTypespecify type of writes - WriteType::SYNCHRONOUS or WriteType::BATCHING

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