Flux is a standalone data scripting and query language that increases productivity and code reuse.

Flux is optimized for ETL, monitoring, and alerting, with an inline planner and optimizer.

Flux is the result of the open source community driving innovation with time series data.


  1. Use appropriate margin around the logo to let it breathe
  2. The Symbol can be used by itself
  3. Make sure the logo has appropriate contrast with the background
  4. If placing the logo over an image, make sure the area underneath is not busy
  5. If placing the logo over a busy image, darken or lighten the image using brand colors to ensure proper contrast


  1. Do not use the Logotype without the Symbol
  2. Do not vertically stack the Logotype & Symbol without special permission
  3. Do not add any effects to the logo or symbol (such as drop shadow, glow, etc.)
  4. Do not place the logo on top of a busy or high contrast image


Complete Logo

Background Dimensions Format
Transparent 1062x382 AI
Transparent 1062x382 SVG
Transparent 1062x382 PNG-24
White 1062x382 PNG-8
White 1062x382 JPEG

Flux Capacitor

Background Dimensions Format
Transparent 500x500 AI
Transparent 500x500 SVG
Transparent 500x500 PNG-24
White 500x500 PNG-8
White 500x500 JPEG