Core Passion


From the moment someone sets up InfluxDB to the moment their time series data begins appearing, the magic of our product is that it is drop-dead simple. Everything we do and everything we say should reflect our commitment to making things as simple as possible.

We have tried to embrace passion in our visual identity and writing style – the website is flatter, the navigation simplified, the images simplified; everything more simple and consistent. This is a journey but we want to ensure we embrace this passion in every interaction we have with our audiences – website, email copy and product.


Data is best understood
through the lens of time

We will not be making billboards about this vision! It is more a statement about what we think the future state will be. This transcends a version of the product and the stage of where we are as a company now. This is what propels us to build products and solutions that help achieve this vision.

If you read the about page, you will see how we have incorporated this into some of our core messaging but we will not be leading with vision; rather, we will focus on our mission.


Deliver the best open source
platform for time series data

Our mission is simple. We desire to be the platform of choice for time series data. We come to work every day with a community mindset and singular focus on how to achieve this.


Respect • Humility • Action • Courage • Openness

Our list of values resulted from an introspective conversation across the entire company. They determine who we hire, how we treat each other, how we engage the community, and how we make product decisions.

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