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Act in Time

We will use this in some logo treatments and advertising campaigns as a way of describing what we do. It’s a short phrase that conveys what we are all about. But don’t overuse it!

All Audiences

Real time visibility into stacks, sensors, and systems

The open-source time series database to instrument, observe, learn and automate any system, application and business process

Dev Audience

Built for developers

Easy to start, easy to scale

Optimized for time to awesome, InfluxDB is purpose built for time series data. Programmable and performant with a common API across OSS, cloud, and Enterprise offerings, InfluxDB gives you high granularity, high scale, and high availability. Capture, analyze, and store millions of points per second, and use our powerful language—Flux—to see across all your data sources.

Supporting Themes
Query and code together
No-cost/low-cost options
The essential time series toolkit

Ops Audience

Trusted by Ops

Faster detection, faster resolution

Acting on time series data should be easy. InfluxDB is your system of insight for unified metrics and events – enabling your most demanding SLAs, whether you’re optimizing software, hardware, or IoT systems.

Supporting Themes
Full-stack visibility and task management
Enterprise grade
On prem, hosted, or hybrid

Business Audience

Vital to business

Real time data, real value

Seize new opportunities. By capturing and analyzing untapped data from virtual and physical assets, InfluxDB gives you new visibility to customer experience and business growth. Chart a path to automation and autonomy with InfluxDB.

Supporting Themes
Optimize systems, services, and apps
Harness your sensors
Own your data